Remote Desktop Connection Client Instructions


Open Remote Desktop Connection. Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories then Remote Desktop Connection.

The following window will open. If you don't see all these options click on “options button” at the bottom left or right of the window.

In the General tab for “Computer” type:

Next, User name:

hfsmtg\johns (replace johns with your actual user name)

or (replace johns with your actual user name)


The second tab is “display”. Here you want to keep it at Full Screen unless you prefer to change it. This will change the size of your Remote Desktop window.


The 3rth Tab “Local Resources” is important. This allows you to connect your local computer’s clipboard, printers, hard drive and any other plug and play devices.

Please make sure all options have a check mark.

Also make sure you click on “More” button and select all items by adding a check mark.

You don’t need to do anything with the “Programs” tab.


“Experience” Tab. You can leave the defaults or if you are on a slow connection change the setting accordingly.



Last tab “Advanced” choose “Connect and don’t warn me”.



Final Step, go back to the 1st Tab “General Tab” and click on “Save As”. Choose your Desktop, Save the connections as HFSDesktop or any other name you choose.

Saving this Remote Desktop Connection to your desktop allows you to simply double click on it to login instead of having to start the program the long way such as Start, All Programs, Accessories Remote Desktop.


If you have any questions or need assistance to login, please call (312) 569-9301.


Israel Alba

System Administrator

(312) 569-9301