FHA Refinance
Homeowners have a unique opportunity to get access to cash by using their home as collateral. Now you can get cash back with FHA loans that enable home refinancing 85% of your property’s appraised value. HUD announced that the FHA refinance loan product would continue to offer cash back with FHA 203B and funds for home rehabilitation with 203K loan options. 
FHA cash out refinancing provides an opportunity for borrowers to combine 1st and 2nd mortgages together for lower interest rates and reduced monthly payments. Cash back refinance loans also allow Wisconsin homeowners to consolidate credit card debts and high rate loans that are adjusting. 

Many people like the cash back loans from FHA because it raises capital they need to finance home improvements and remodeling for fixer-uppers. Consider cash refinancing with FHA because home equity lines of credit are difficult to find these days, because of the high percentage of loan defaults from the subprime mortgage crisis. 

FHA mortgage loan quotes are provided by a licensed FHA lender at no cost and there is no obligation.

Today, FHA rates are low so apply for a FHA mortgage now because tomorrow FHA interest rates could rise. If you have the ability to lower your payments by FHA 
refinancing, you should seize the opportunity.